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Happy Public Works Week
May 16, 2022
This year’s National Public Works Week is May 15-21, 2022. There are more than 29,000 members across the U.S. and Canada and this week is used as an opportunity to recognize the hard work of our Public Works team and to educate the public on how Public Works affects everyone’s daily lives
Alberta Land Titles Notice
May 13, 2022
Alberta Land Titles Office is behind in processing land title transfers for properties.
Understanding your Property Assessment 2022
May 3, 2022
Property Taxes for 2022 increased by 4.54%.  This increase in property taxes for 2022 is NOT for Municipal operations but for requisitions and payments to third parties.
Snowplow Lighting Visibility and Perception- U of A
April 28, 2022
The U of A is looking for your feedback! 


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