Public Works Week Proclamation

May 22, 2018

                                                                                                                                                                                May 22, 2018
This years National Public Works Week theme is the Power of Public Works, an appropriate theme for The Town of Pincher Creek Public Works department. I would like to thank all of you on our Public Works team for what you do for our community daily and for always being there when needed.

You are often unnoticed until something does not go to plan. You are behind the scenes making sure our drinking water is safe, our wastewater and garbage are collected and disposed of properly, our buildings and parks are maintained to a high standard to be enjoyed by all residents and that our streets are cleared of snow and maintained in a safe manner.

Many of you are on call or work shifts because the Towns core services must be maintained 24 / 7 / 365. Thank you for responding to water and sewer breaks, extreme snow events, water plant issues and a myriad of other things that just don’t seem to happen in normal working hours. You and your families have sacrificed many special events and time together because of the nature of your job. Many citizen’s do notice your efforts but unfortunately, we rarely express our thanks for your commitment and expertise.
Council and Administration make many decisions regarding the direction of our community without the support of you our Public Works staff most of these projects and programs would literally not get off the ground. You implement the decisions and do the necessary heavy lifting to get the job done.

As the Towns Public Works group, you are supported with many opportunities for training and many of you continue to upgrade your skill sets. As the Mayor I am especially proud of the fact that we have worked together to establish a culture of safety where everyone goes home safe at the end of the day.

On behalf of the citizens and council for The Town of Pincher Creek, thank you Public Works for all that you do!

Mayor Don Anderberg                                                                                  

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