Rogers Communication Tower

February 11, 2020

Rogers Communication Tower

February 11, 2020

In December 2014 the Council for the Town of Pincher Creek entered into negotiations with Rogers Communications for a communication tower to be placed on Plan 8310308, Block 7, Lot 4, also known as the Town Shop yard.

In February 2015 Rogers Communication Inc. submitted an application for Development which was reviewed in March by MDSA (Municipal Development and Subdivision Authority). The application included the development of a 70-meter self-support telecommunication tower, supporting equipment and construction of a 125-meter road access.  

Under the Radiocommunication Act, the federal Ministry of Industry has the authority to approve the size and location of wireless towers.  New installations and modifications must also include consultation from the applicable land use authority.  

In 2015, notifications of the application were placed in the local newspaper and adjacent landowners were sent notification.

This tower is currently located in its permanent location and considered the optimum location to enhance the wireless communication infrastructure to service Pincher Creek.   
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