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Snow Accommodation Policy:

October 1, 2020

Snow Accommodation Policy:

The Town of Pincher Creek recognizes the need to assist persons 65 years of age and over who are physically disabled and/or are on Alberta Seniors Benefit with clearing snow, ice and other winter debris from public accessible sidewalks adjacent to their property. Residents in need of this service must meet the following requirements and submit an application to the Town Office.

Applicants must be 65 years of age or older or physically disabled.
Must be a recipient of senior’s financial assistance program, Alberta Seniors Benefit.
Applicant must reside in a residential property that fronts onto a municipal sidewalk.
Must reside in the property during the winter months.
Property cannot be a commercial property or apartment complex.
Not have any able-bodied persons under the age of 65 residing at the property.

Documentation required:
Medical proof from a Canadian Regulated Health Practitioner OR
a copy of the Accessible Parking Permit issued by Service Alberta.
Proof of Alberta Seniors Benefit.
For more information please go the policy here: or contact the Town Office 403 627 3156

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