Development Permits

Any person(s) claiming to be affected by a discretionary and/or non-compliant development may file a statement of appeal with accompanying $300 appeal fee with the Municipal Subdivision and Development Appeal Board, Town of Pincher Creek, 962 St. John Avenue, Pincher Creek, Alberta, within 17 days of the permits approval date.

Permit #    Address    Land Use        District        Description   Decision Date     
18-D0002 818 Schofield Street R1 - Residential Permitted Uses: Class One Home Occupation - Occupational Therapy January 25, 2018
18-D0003    864 Christie Avenue  PI - Public Institutional  Discretionary Uses: Signs - 50 ft2 LED Wall Sign February 20, 2018
18-D0004 351 Canyon Drive R1 - Residential Permitted Uses: Class One Home Occupation - Home Office January 26, 2018
18-D0005 583 McDougall Street R1 - Residential Discretionary Uses: Home Occupations - Day Home February 20, 2018
18-D0006 467 Main Street  R1 - Residential Permitted Uses: Accessory buildings and uses - 160 ft2 Shed with setback and lot coverages waivers February 20, 2018
18-D0008 995 Canon Street  R1 - Residential /FDR - Flood Damage Reduction Permitted and Discretionary Uses: Single-family dwellings / Residential Re-building fire damaged residence February 20, 2018

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