Development Permits

Any person(s) claiming to be affected by a discretionary and/or non-compliant development may file a statement of appeal with an accompanying $300 appeal fee with the Municipal Subdivision and Development Appeal Board, Town of Pincher Creek, 962 St. John Avenue, Pincher Creek, Alberta, within 17 days of the permit's approval date.

Permit #       Address     Land Use District        Description   Decision Date      
19-D0001 979 Waterton Avenue C2 - Highway / Drive-In Commercial Discretionary Uses: Laundromat - Two (2) Storeys Addition for Laundromat and Washroom Facilities February 19, 2019
19-D0002 1303 Veterans Street C2 - Highway / Drive-In Commercial Permitted Uses: Signs - Sign replacement of 19.25 ft2 LED Sign in existing Sign Pylon March 5, 2019
19-D0003 Sections 22-26-6-30-W4 POS - Parks and Open Space Permitted Uses: Public Park and Recreation - Install Park Benches and Concrete Bases  January 28, 2019
19-D0004 714B Main Street C1 - Downtown/Retail Commercial Permitted Uses: Signs - Install 16 ft2 Fascia Sign February 11, 2019
19-D0005 753 Kettles Street C1 - Downtown/Retail Commercial Discretionary Uses: Entertainment establishments - Change of Use to include Escape Room March 19, 2019
19-D0006 995 Dupuy Street R1 - Residential Discretionary Uses: Duplex dwellings - Duplex (2 Units) March 19, 2019
19-D0008 798 Rigaux Drive R1 - Residential Permitted Uses: Accessory buildings and uses - Solar System on South facing roof of the house March 8, 2019
19-D0010 689 Frederick Street R1 -  Residential Permitted Uses: Home Occupation - Cosmetics Eyes Have It March 20, 2019
19-D0011 655 Broadview Street R1 - Residential Permitted Uses: Accessory buildings and uses - 337.44 ft2 Solar System on roof of the house April 12, 2019

Archived Permits

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